About Kaidio

Kaidio (pronounced Kye-dee-oh)

Kai=Sea (Hawaiian) Dio=God (Italian)

Aloha! We are Kaidio Owners Sheena Kaiulani Luaehu-Lyons and Jon Diodato. We started Kaidio to share our love for all things related to the ocean and beach with others. The name Kaidio means Sea/God in Hawaiian/Italian and comes from a combination of our middle and last names.

We offer a collection of custom designed Kaidio logo hats, tank tops, short/long-sleeve t-shirts, UPF/performance shirts, etc. for men and women. Our apparel is designed in house and printed locally in Honolulu. 

As a local, eco-conscious company, we donate portions of our sales to support marine wildlife conservancy and coral reef restoration as well as sustainable tourism in Hawaii. In further support of these causes, we sell wildlife tracking bracelets and a variety of hand-made marine life jewelry, which also support wildlife conservation efforts. 

Sheena was born in Aiea and Jon is from Ft. Lauderdale. We both reside in Honolulu. From Hawaii to Florida Kaidio is a state of mind. No matter where you are, embrace your Kaidio.

Beach. Sun. Chill times.