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Piko'ole Papale Hawiian Crownless Hat

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Piko'ole Papale Hawiian Crownless Hat

Styles: Petite Brim/Full Brim

Sizes: 20"/21"/22"/23"/24"

- Handmade with lafite straw (similar to lauhala).
- Brim size is about 2 inches and can vary by about 1/2” because hats are handmade and each one is unique.
- Colors will vary from green to golden but all hats will eventually turn a light golden color over time.
- Slight size/weave variations are normal.
- Pāpale will come with a string woven into the crown to adjust approximately 1/2" bigger or smaller.
- If you are between sizes, it is a matter of your preference to have the hat fit looser or tighter.

Care Instructions:

- Avoid water and do not surf with your hat on. It will protect you from sun, but no rain

- Clean with a dry brush or cloth. Use a damp cloth to gently remove stains if needed

-S tore in a cool, ventilated place on a flat surface. Do not store in direct sunlight or A/C, because the hat will become dry and brittle. Avoid extreme heat or cold. High humidity can cause the fibers to mold or rot

- If your hat feels dry and brittle, you can hydrate it by spraying it with water

- To adjust the size, unite the bow and loosen or tighten the string as needed. Do not adjust more than 1/2"

- A light coat of oil rubbed on with a paper towel can help to protect the fibers from mold or drying out. Use a light oil like tiare, kukui, or diluted 1:1 mineral oil

- To flatten the brim, spray lightly with water and weight the brim with heavy books overnight

- If your hat becomes moldy, wipe with a Clorox wipe to try to remove the mold. Best to store in a dry area and wipe frequently to avoid mold